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i'm a teenager, swedish, obsessed with tv shows. hardcore shipper. this blog is a multifandom mess. i have a soft side for superheroes, fairytales, liars, doctors, vampires and other screwed up characters.

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What is it? An 0-8-4 is classified by SHIELD as “an object of unknown origin.” This event is going to be a little more specific than that, and focus exclusively on Skye, the only person we know of that has ever been classified as an 0-8-4.


The Avengers Behind the Scenes

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Whatever nightmares the future holds are dreams compared to what is behind me.

Y o u  really are the brightest  w i t c h  of your age.

There was movement going on around them, pointless bustling, the flashes of more spells. To Harry it was meaningless noise, the deflected curses flying past them did not matter…

I have your back. No matter how stupid it gets. And you and I both know it can get really, really stupid.