just having an allergic reaction to the universe
i'm a teenager, swedish, obsessed with tv shows. this blog is a multifandom mess. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
currently watching: ravenswood (s1), the o.c. (s3), teen wolf (s1), private practice (s2), awkward (s4) agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. (s1), the originals (s1), new girl (s3), the vampire diaries (s5), hart of dixie (s3), arrow (s2), grey's anatomy (s10), once upon a time (s3), suburgatory (s3) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
currently obsessed with: scarjo, japril, skyeward, outlaw queen & all of the above


I had a dress up party last night so I went as batman 😎


My parents just told me that i watch too much movies and should read more so I turned on the subtitles.


been there


is ellen even hosting or is she just hanging out with famous people


“As a kid, I wanted to be a boy because I equated that with strength. There’s a problem with that. It’s only growing into my own womanhood that I realize how warped that is that I was attributing strength to male qualities.”